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Next Day Delivery Courier Service - Linkcars.co.uk

Why choose a Minicab or Taxi Courier Service for your next day delivery courier service? It might be odd for you initially! But once you realize the advantages of a fast and trustworthy taxi, minicab and cab for same day courier service of your important parcel, you'll see why it's a preferred choice over regular courier services.

Linkcars.co.uk Same Day Courier Service

Link Cars are offering an instant secure same day courier service in Edgware and its surrounding areas with very competitive rates. Prompt pickup and delivery of documents or parcels up to 20 kg. Central London Pickup within 20 minutes 24/7 a year! We provide a receipt of Delivery and you can even track your driver online! If you are looking for next day delivery courier service and secure courier service of documents and almost anything else in and around the city Link Cars 24 hour courier service provides you the flexibility to choose a pickup and delivery service you need and a price you can set. Our professional Drivers are given specific instructions to ensure your parcel is delivered efficiently. We can even use GPS tracking to follow your parcel's location for the duration of the trip.

Link Cars Secure Courier Service

Link Cars next day delivery courier service is the most flexible option for getting items delivered. You are able to determine exactly where you would like the item to be picked up and delivered to. You can set exactly the time and date of the pickup to suit your schedule. You can organize pickups and delivery to be out of hours, late at night, or even on the weekends. Link Cars is running an app which allows users to arrange parcel deliveries using local taxis. It is essentially crowd sourcing with a twist. The company says only uses taxi drivers as they can be quicker than couriers and are able to drive in bus lanes. Link Cars taxi courier service uses the local network of registered taxi drivers that can be tracked across the city and suburbs, and are on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.