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The Best Drivers

Link Cars have dedicated drivers lie at the heart of our company. As part of our commitment to reliability, honesty and security, our drivers must pass an extensive background check to ensure that only the best candidates are selected to represent us. Our safety conscious and courteous driving team takes exceptional pride in their professionalism, and is committed to ensuring that each and every customer arrives at its destination promptly. We respond to the comfort and needs of our passengers like no other company. Just recently, we had a few passenger ask if we would send them a wheelchair Accessible vehicle your doctor’s appointment. So now, we provide them the service of hospital transportation service with the best car service and the finest drivers. If your son or daughter needs to be picked up at their school, we have the expert and friendly drivers.

Link Cars service and performance as quality minicabs provider is only as good as our employee and our independent contractor drivers, and how well they collaborate to take care of customers. Our focus is to attract both employees and independent operators who not only meet the necessary skills and job requirements, but who also share our commitment to customer satisfaction, safety, and service. Drivers are hired subject to passing our training program and meeting a series of minimum requirements including drug testing, five-year record of excellent driving, knowledge of the service area, sensitivity to passenger needs and other criteria related to their prior work performance.